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Position: Associate Director, Corporate Communications and Public Affair


  • Formulate, develop, coordinate and manage Space Metrics Inc's corporate communications/public relations outreach strategy to ensure the company's services are readily known to existing and prospective clients.
  • Create and maintain a consistent and meaningful image/perception of the Space Metrics Inc. brand, and communicate it effectively and consistently to the company's clients.
  • Develop communications/public relations standards, guidelines, templates, and tools to direct the company's internal and external relationships and advise senior management on effective communications/ public relations engagement techniques.
  • Develop protocols to prepare and brief management ahead of outreach engagements; including the establishment and management of a public engagement calendar.
  • Develop promotional material that showcase the company's expertise in Earned Value Management (EVM) and other project evaluation techniques that enhance the company's reputation.
  • Prepare EVM guidance documents for use in outreach programs to capture new business and build relationships with clients and agency partners.
  • Apply research strategies and conduct interviews to create electronic and manual communication media materials about Space Metrics Inc's.
  • Develop and manage annual communications/public relations budget in consultation with Management.
  • Anticipate, identify, and develop communications strategies and messaging to protect the Space Metrics Inc. brand reputation from potentially high-visibility issues and crises.
  • Serve as point of contact for internal and external clients on communications and public relations matters.

Education and Experience

  • A Masters' degree in Business Administration with + 1 year experience.

We invite you to be a part of the Space Metrics family. Please send your resume to Samuel Trotman, President - Space Metrics Inc, 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 400E, Washington, DC 20024.

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